Cloud Nuke

Safely delete AWS resources in 3 Clicks

 Dry Run and Nuke output 👇 If you are just browsing 🤔 here are some FAQs 📖 or try the Sample Output 😀

Q: How does this work? A: The first step is a Dry Run. Fill out the above form and run a free Dry Run. A dry run will not delete any resources. A dry run will show output of resources planned for deletion If the dry run succeeds, you can choose to pay to Nuke the same selections for $5.00, processed by Stripe. If the payment is processed, the Nuke It button will be available to nuke your selections. So, there are 3 Clicks to a Nuke: Dry Run -> Pay $5 to Nuke -> Nuke It! Q: Is this safe? A: If you really want to delete your resources, we've made it as safe as it can be. A successful Dry Run locks the form disabling any further inputs & edits. You must verify the output to ensure it reflects what you want. Upon payment success, we wait for you to issue a Nuke one last time. Q: Do you store the keys? A: We do not store your AWS Access and Secret keys. Each Nuke is an ephemeral sandboxed process. Q: Do you store my card? A: We do not store your credit card information. Payments are processed directly by Stripe, and we don't store your card details. Q: Why did you build this? A: We've found that deleting idle & underutilized cloud resources is the quickest win to reduce spending on cloud bills. Additionally the workflow of deleting cloud resources often exist in Engineering teams but it is not well thought out and a single member scrambles to determine what needs to be deleted. Building on clouds is getting easier, and conversely harder to delete since resources often depend on each other. Q: Do you have more features planned? A: Yes, we have more features coming soon, please reach out to us! ( Q: Why would anyone use this? A: Here are some reasons: 1. Clean up an entire project to shutdown a product. 2. Delete old resources, via the Age selections to save on costs. 3. Delete particular resources in particular regions to save on costs. Q: Why is Nuking disabled? A: Nuking is the final step that is enabled only after the following have completed succesfully: 1. Dry Run is executed and runs without errors. We also recommend you verify the output of the dry run to ensure it reflects what you want deleted. 2. A payment is successfully processed. Q: What is "All Resources"? A: Everything listed in "Resources" across all "Regions" Q: How do I get in touch with you? A: Email us [] or send a message in the chat box 👉